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Maintaining Progress During Lockdown

A lot of clients are worried about losing the progress they've been making pre-lockdown so I thought I'd do a little post about it!

Muscle mass is not gained quickly and, likewise, losing muscle does not happen quickly either - It takes a long period of inacitvity for any noticeable musle loss to happen. The key to retaining muscle, is to continue to use it! You don't need to work your muscles as hard to keep them as you do to build them so maintain consistency with getting the workouts in and pushing yourself and there's no reason you should lose your progress.

Same goes for maintaing progress with weight loss - If you're finding it harder to stay in a calorie deficit during lockdown with reduced exercise and limited food available in your supermarkets, just focus on staying at maintenance calories for now and you can continue working on your goals when you feel ready!

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