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My Fitness Journey

I wanted to share a little bit about my own story and where my fitness journey took me on the way to becoming a Personal Trainer...

Having participated in competitive gymnastics throughout school, I had always enjoyed exercising but, throughout university, my dedication to my fitness took a back seat to student life and nights out - as I'm sure many people can relate! My weight crept up little by little over my 4 years at university and it wasn't until a check up at the GP's during my fourth year where he told me I was now classed as overweight that I got the reality check I needed and I soon found myself on my own weightloss journey. It was a lot of hard work and there were lots of ups and downs but it made me realise that I wanted to help others on their journey to not only acheiving their health and fitness goals, but feeling good in their own skin and helping them find their own self-confidence. After trying to get out of an office job that I really wasn't enjoying for a while, I decided it was now or never to make a big career change so I trained as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and left my office job to go and work in a gym whilst I continued to study to become a Level 3 Personal Trainer. That was in 2016 and I have absolutely loved working with my clients ever since!

Since then, I have also gained my qualification in Pre and Post-Natal Exercise Programming and opened my studio in Ellon a year ago - the best decision I ever made!

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